Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Big Picture

I chose this picture for a couple of reasons. It is New Years being celebrated on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. More than two million people gathered on this beach to celebrate the new year. I chose this picture because  New Years is the time where everyone throws away the bad memories and mistakes of the previous year and try to make the next one memorable. I know this is going to make me sound ignorant but I never thought of other countries celebrating New Years because for me its watching the ball drop in Times Square so this picture just blew my mind. This is a giant spectacle that shows that no matter where you are from New Years is a chance to start over. The girl in the picture is unknown but she is one of many celebrating. What might be missed about this photo at first glance is the immenseness of the celebration. From the left of the photo traveling along the coast there are fireworks that are literally lighting up the sky. And they aren't backyard fireworks either but the magical "i feel like a little kid" fireworks like at Disney. It tells the story of the New Year being something long awaited and finally there is chance to make up for missed opportunities. The girl is so excited and is just grasping every second of the celebration. Its basically how I feel every year at the same time. I know it is point less to believe your whole life is going to change just because the date changes but there is still hope and its like getting put on the starting line and getting ready to go. It gives you the motivation you need to just go. The picture shows that this feeling is universal. I only wonder what people were really thinking and feeling when they were watching this spectacle unfold. Did they have the same hope that I always have on New Years?

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