Monday, May 6, 2013

What's Worth Knowing?

You can't teach a person everything they need to know. School teaches us the skills we need to have  successful careers. But what is worth knowing can't be taught, it has to be developed through experience. The things that aren't taught in school can't be just taught. Is like telling a person how to react to a certain event. Say your fish died for example. Some people could feel a tad saddened but they flush the fish and continue with the day while I on the other hand cried and made my mom get rid of it. You cant teach that. What determines the right way to react. Whats worth knowing is how to live life. How to be happy with what your doing. How to be a good person. How to work through the pain and keep trying no matter what others tell you. These skills have to be picked up along the way. These skills are also different for each person. Not everyone deals the same way just as not everyone has the same favorite color or the same friends. You can't teach the skills that are worth knowing. You just have to continue living life and you will develop the skills along the way

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