Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Waste Land Response

     The moist memorable part of Waste Land was seeing the people's reactions when they saw themeselves turned into art. I loved seeing how emotional they got when they completely understood all that Vik Muniz was trying to do. I learned not to assume the worst. I expected the people to be very negative and ashamed of working at Jardim Gramacho because it seemed like people only worked there as a last resort. But the people were proud that they were working their way towards a better future. They faced each new day with a positive out look and a lot of the time they looked happy. It showed that I shouodnt just automatically assume the worst.
      As for the people whos lives were completely changed, I could'nt imagine how that would feel. Their jobs that they did everyday turned into somthing bigger than that. It must have been overwhelming (but in a good way). I think that if I was in their shoes, I wouldn't believe that it was really happening. To go from being just one of the many people pulling recyclables to people working towards making a difference. I think it would just be so surreal. If it were me I would also be honored to represent such a huge group of people.
      This art is very unique and very powerful. My life isnt like that. I represent basically th average person my age. My life is full of school, sports, and expectations. Art I think has to tell a story and nothing in my life at the moment needs to be told. I don't really think anything in my life could really lend itself to art similar to what was documented in Waste Land.

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