Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Joyas Voladoras

This piece of writing really makes you think but at first not exactly in the most positive way. In fact, the entire last paragraph seems discouraging. The way that I interpreted it was that no matter what precautions you take your going to end up heart broken and hurt. After reading that I was left thinking "well than whats the point of getting close to someone". Later as I was rereading I realized that loving something is natural. It's impossible to keep your heart locked away. Like whales. They are these massive mysterious creatures. We know next to nothing about blue whales but what we do know demonstrates how natural it is for a heart too want to be connected to something. Blue whales travel in pairs because they want to. They are so large that they really don't necessarily have to for protection. They need the companionship just like the humming bird needs food. Their entire hearts could stop within seconds if they stop. Stop moving, stop eating, they get too cold and then their whole life just stops. So they live fast paced making every heart beat work for them. Brian Doyle weaves his message in between medical terms and animal references but its still there. I feel like he was trying to say that if you can't protect you heart  indefinitely than what is the use of putting up walls at all. Our hearts naturally want to love so we shouldn't try to stop it.

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