Sunday, January 13, 2013

My 20% project

I'm not really sure what passions I have so coming up with an idea was really hard. I think it would be interesting to do a mini bucket list. At the start I would make a list of things I'd want to do. The things on the list would'nt be huge like travel to another country but the items will be not super insignificant either like sharpen a pencil. I will put a lot of thought into what goes on the list and take pictures and find unique ways to document each thing on list. The materials i will need will depend on what I choose to include on my bucket list. Some obsticals that will get in the way will be inspiration. I will need clever goals and ways to achieve them and that may be hard to come up. Another obsticle might be figuring out a way to document the process. I think this will be a really interesting project once it all comes together. I want to learn about accomplishing goals. I also think it will be a unique experience. I will probably also learn about editing (graphically) because i will need to find a way to put all of my ideas and experiences together.

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