Thursday, January 3, 2013


2012 stated out to be like ay other year but by theend i realisd just how monumental it actually was. I ended up learnig quite a few things about myself. One of these things is that i relly rely on my friends. All my life I have had someone there with me. Ive always had someone who was there for me. My friends are really special to me. Another thing i learned about myself was that I procrastinate. Wenever we get homework on Friday it doesnt get done til ssunday a 10:00 at night. I will put of an assignment as long as i can. That doesnt mean that i don't try or that the work is less than satesfactory but i spend all of the night panicing over the fact that it is taking lnger than excpected.
My new years resolution relates to one of the things i learned about myself. I will not procrastinate. Now im not aiming to never procrastinate a day in my life but i would like to make a consience effort to try harder to get my work done early. Most years my resolution doesnt stick but 2013 will be different. I will actually get it done

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