Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reality of Being Gifted

    There are many stereotypes about being gifted.  Of course there are ups but what many don't realize is that there are downs that come along for the ride. You have to learn to separate the truths from the myths to find out what it is really like to be gifted. There are many known "ups" to being gifted. First of all, being gifted, students often end up learning certain subjects quicker than their peers.This often result in higher placement such as A.P. or Honor courses  which look better on college applications and allow students to work at a quicker pace. Being gifted also means people think more highly of you. Sadly there are a set  of downs that walk hand and hand with the ups. One down is that more is expected from you  as a gifted student. You are expected to be perfect in every way. Another down is that as a gifted student you can feel more stressed. If you do something wrong than there are more consequences and people are more disappointed in you. You try to please everyone so it adds stress.I know I hold myself to a  higher standard to fit the mold of being gifted .Also if you are placed in a class that is too slow you feel bored most of the time. Then you zone out and can miss important pieces of information. Finally being gifted you can be bullied more often. You can be called a "nerd", "loser", or a "know-it-all".
      Many people have trouble separating the truths and myths of gifted people because they don't know which belong in each categories. One example of a myth is that gifted people are stuck up or egotistic. You can't stereotype people like this. Some gifted people are kind while others are arrogant. It's the same as putting people into groups according to race or gender.The truth is you can't tell a gifted person from others by just analyzing how they treat others. Another myth is that all gifted kids are outcasts or loners.  I am gifted but i have a lot of friends. I like to be social and that doesn't mean i am "less gifted" it just means i have a more social personality. There is truth to the myth which is that since the smarter kids can get bullied they can become outcasts but being born gifted doesn't mean you are an automatic loser. A final myth is all gifted students get straight A's because they are smarter. That myth is just wrong. I hate when people assume this of me. For example, I have a really good memory so classes like history come easier for me. On the other hand it doesn't help me in math so i have to really work hard and pay attention to earn the A. Not all gifted students get straight A's. Sure we may get A's in some of our classes but that doesn't mean we don't have to work or that we don't ace other classes. I hope this clears things up and that i have given a new perspective on the reality of being a gifted student.

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