Monday, September 24, 2012

Gardner and Gregorc Learning Sytles

     Many people don't know things about themselves. For instance, I learned a ton from taking these two tests. Starting with the Gregorc test, I learned that I am Concrete Random/Abstract Random (I scored a sixteen on both). I really was shocked! I always knew i was independent and imaginative but I didn't realize that these characteristics had anything to do with the way I learn. From the Gardner test I learned that I am musical. I've always loved music so it was quite interesting to find out that this actually helps me learn. I got none of the Bodily Kinsethic and that was interesting to learn as well.
     There are quite a few people I admire. One person is my mom. She is always humming and singing even though she claims she isnt "musical". Another is the actress Emma Watson. Not only is she living my dream of acting proffesionally, but she is also thoroughly  educated. She actaully took a break from her acting career (Harry Potter films) to go to college. A final person I admire is Mrs. English. She was a teacher at my elemantarty school (M.T.E.S.) and she deicated her whole life to teaching. Every student she had, said she was their favorite. She was always smiling and hjappy and she influenced everyone around her. She taught through song and always promoted creativity. I think i really learned a lot from taking these intelligence/learning style tests.

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